Thursday, June 21, 2007

Questions About Period, Help!

This may sound obvious to some, but i am quite at a loss, and doctor google can turn a girl into quite the hypochondriac. But, here's my problem. For the past few periods, my period has been (sorry to gross y'all out) clotted. You know what i mean? When you're about to flush the toilet you're suddenly taken aback by masses and clots floating around?... again, sorry about the gross out. But, then this month, same situation, except my period seems to have been cut in half down to 4-5 days instead of the usual 8-10. I'm on my fifth day and it's down to one measly very dark discharge.

The only other thing going on is a yeast infection, which i've been treating with acidophilus. I'm not on bcp.

Any ideas anyone as to what's going? I was just at the doctor's office before my period (for the yeast infection) and i feel silly going back, yet again.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Just a quick update to let y'all know that dh is doing well and is cancer free, thank God. I, however, am not doing so well, hence the delayed posting. I have a brand spanking new case of post traumatic stress, complete with the regular irregular heartbeat, which the doctor said was "nothing." I hope it's still nothing when my heart stops!

You see, right before the surgery i suddenly realized that my husband COULD DIE and that i would then be seriously ALL ALONE for the rest of the MY LIFE, which, who knows, could be another FIFTY FREAKIN YEARS! God!

So, of course, in my frenzied freak out, i asked my husband, honey, um, like, what would I do if anything happened to you??!?! Memememememememe. Yeah, so basically, I was like, if you died on the operating table, I will be one lonely woman living out the remainder of her life by her lonesome! Ok, but I didn’t exactly put it that way. Instead, i asked, will you haunt when you're gone? He said, I can only haunt the basement because there are rules to haunting, you know. Needless to say, i started making plans to move to the basement.

Uh, yeah, not one of my finer moments. I dont know how he managed to survive my freakout. But so here we are. I will post more about the results a little later, once i come off PTSD.