Saturday, April 08, 2006

Who's Here? Aunt Flo Who?

I got my period! Oh my God! ... YESTERDAY! Wow, that was much sooner than i thought. I still dont believe i have it. No warnings. I didnt realize that it would start so soon after starting Lupron.

Speaking of Lupron, so far so good. I felt pretty confident in handing over the injection reigns over to dh, who at some point in his youthful years worked in a lab. And he's so gentle and mild-mannered to boot. So, i figured i was in good hands, until i handed the package over to him and he asks, "Um, so, how much of this stuff am i supposed to inject?"

Err, what? Dont you know? I dont know. Wait. Lemme get my notes ... my notes say 1=.5. What the heck? Why did i write that?

A panicked call to the fertility hotline informed me that only my doctor can tell me how much medicine i'm supposed to take. So i called my doctor and she said 1cc =.5 ml.


So after that was all figured out, it became routine, like we've been doing this all the time.

And then yesterday, the good RE said that unless i start follistum yesterday (meaning my period start too) then i'm looking at harvesting in the week of April 23, instead of April 17 (which is cutting it too close). And wouldnt you know as soon as i hung up with her, i got my period. I called her back and left numerous messages because she said for me to call her back as soon as i got my period.

I also called the fertility center to setup my next appointment for a day 3 ultrasound. That conversation went something like this (literally, verbatim):

Me: I got my period today (YAY)
Nurse: Ok, then we need to set you up for an ultrasound. How's monday at 8, 8:30, 0r 9.
Me: Um ... 8:30 sounds good.
Nurse: Alrightee, you're set up for the baseline ultrasound. Everything seems set to go ... except for the $10,000 that is due. Will you be paying that before the baseline test?
Me: HUH? WHAT!??!??!?!?!??!??!?!?!??!?????????????????????
Nurse: I'm just reading what it says in the computer in your notes.
Me: There's some mistake. What's this about?
Nurse: It says here you've been denied coverage.
Me: I cant believe that, i just spoke with the insurance company TWO DAYS AGO and they said it was covered.
Nurse: Well the insurance coordinator is gone for the day.
Me: Can i speak to someone else, i dont want to have to worry about this the whole weekend.
Nurse: Her boss is gone for the day too.

Oooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, not quite what i want to hear a few days before i start Follistum and growing a bunch of eggs. Why didnt anyone ever call me to let me know there was a problem? Is it any wonder that anyone can actually conceive in this process. How am i supposed to react? It's not because my eggs didnt work or his sperm didnt work or my ute didnt work, nooooo, it's because my bank account was empty that we couldnt conceive in the end?

And i'm not supposed to have an emotional reaction to this? I mean, it's tough enough as it is, tough enough not being able to conceive through natural processes, without intervention, tough enough to accept intervention and be injected and monitored and prodded and holding my breath and praying. Infertility alone is TOUGH ENOUGH, thank you, i dont need to be petrified in the process. And debt has a way of petrifying a person. .... yeah, i learned that gem of wisdom the hard way.

Ok, that's my rant for the day. Still haven't heard from my doctor, but i guess we already have a plan for harvesting in the week of April 23, so starting Follistum on monday should give plenty of time to grow eggs in time for harvest.

Oh well. Got to run and shoot up. It's that time of the night :)

*UPDATE: Thanks to the comment from Summer who pointed out my typo, i meant to say 1 cc=5 units. D'oh!


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Summer said...

Glad to hear your period started and you can get moving with the IVF.

Just double checking, but is that a typo about 1cc = 0.5ml? I double checked on google and 1cc = 1ml, unless I'm missing something.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Fertile Soul said...

lol, it could be a typo. She might have said 1 unit equals .5 cc. I'm not sure. I wrote it down somewhere. But i know for sure she said 1, and i remember having to draw down to 1. I'll check my notes, if i can find them.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Fertile Soul said...

... found my notes. It says 1cc equals 5 units. I'll fix that in the text. Thanks for catching this!

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Donna said...

I can't believe they just threw out that $10K comment like it was nothing! I really hope you get things straightened out with your insurance. I hate that money plays such a major role in this process.


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