Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You Know How BCP Works?

I betchya didnt know the truth behind bcp and its so called "method" of controlling birth. Ha! ... Sex control is more like. I mean, who's really in the mood for sex when they're bloated, fat, 10 pounds heavier, fat, moody, emotional, teary eyed with sore breasts, headaches, stomach aches, and no appetite for food or sex? I look and feel pregnant without the benefit of actually being pregnant. And that, my dear internetties, my friends in fertile frolics, is the real turn off.

I went to my primary care physician to see if it's the flu. She said it's unlikely for the flu to linger around for so long without making itself more known through nausea and/or fever (which i dont have). So, it's more likely to be the side effects of dostinex (not bcp). And, for everyone out there taking this tiny pill to lower prolactin levels, DO NOT TAKE IT WITH SUDAF.ED OR THE.RA FLU!!! It's not very clear on the box, but these two do NOT mix. What you can take is exced.rin, aspirin, ibuprofin, pept.o bism.al, and pepcid.

Last night i woke up at 4 am and had me a can of 7u.p to settle my stomach. I never drink soda. This can has been sitting in my garage since last summer. But now i feel like i need a can of soda to make it through every meal.

Well, i'm just glad and relieved to know, actually, that this is just side-effects and not the flu. I want to continue with my ivf schedule, without having to take a break for flu. And i dont have to take the dostinex for that long. I think just until pregnancy or something. And, i accidentally doubled up on the dosage the other day. I'm supposed to take it twice a week. I took it twice in two days. Aye yay yay.

Anyway, Lupron starts on Monday, April 3--i think. That's my 21st day of bcp. So i think that's the day, but i'm supposed to call the RE first that day. In the meantime, i will be sucking on pep.cid.

And i wanted to thank everyone who stopped by to wish me well during my moment of "weakness." Did i mention that one of the side-effects of dostinex is emotionality? So, like, everything i ever felt bad about in the past but had it tightly, snugly swept on the carpet is suddenly surfacing in waves of emotionality. Not quite sad, not quite mad, not quite down, just weird and out of sorts.

So thank you for your support :)


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Kris said...

I hate the bcp too. How is it that we can gain so much weight when we don't eat anything because of the nausea?

I've actually been given a reprieve of a few days before starting the pill. For scheduling, they like to do a Sunday start.

I start my Lupron on 4/19, which is a few days before I'm done with my 21 days o' fun on the pill. My RE likes to overlap the two by a few days. I don't know if that's a strict protocol or just his preference. You might want to double check with your RE about your Lupron start date if you aren't positive.

At 8:20 AM, Blogger Coloratura said...

Hi... thanks for your kind thoughts. And I hope this is great cycle for you! Hang in there...


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