Tuesday, March 14, 2006


So i went in for the baseline workup. Is that what it's called? It's the ultrasound and bloodwork you need on days 1-3 of your cycle. Got that done and I'm feeling pretty excited. Why? Why do i feel excited despite having a dildo cam probing my insides? Oh, and can we say GROSS!!!

But i'm glad that's done, it just means that i could now move onto the next phase ... starting birth control, sigh. You know, i've never taken the stuff? Yup, yup, yup. I believed in more natural alternatives. And, well, apparently i never needed the stuff anyway. So, yay for intincts gone right! But now, here i am, taking it. Gulp. I guess, i'd like to observe a moment of mourning for losing the battle to succeed the natural way .... I tried ;(

But now i'm here and it's ok. You know why? Because the body is amazingly resilient. It can take a beating and with proper care it can be restored. Toxins can be expelled. The only difference now is that usually we're unaware of the toxins we're accumulating in our bodies. But this time i'm aware. Sigh, Ignorance is bliss.

But onwards and upwards, i say. This rollercoaster ride is incrementally clinking its way up. My next appointment is March 22 for a saline ultrasound. What the heck is that? I mean, i know what saline is, but what's it supposed to do to my insides and what's it supposed to show? Also, i'm still trying to finish this mountain of consent forms. We signed them alright, but did you know they HAVE TO BE NOTARIZED?! grrrrrrrrrrrr.

And now, i must call my insurance company. It seems like they have some drugs they need to send to me.

Clink ... clink ... clink


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