Friday, March 10, 2006

Why, Why, Why America?!

What happened America???!? I feel so betrayed, i could cry. Why did y'all vote Ayla off? That was wrong, i say, wrong! She was good, real good. She deserved a chance. But then she stood there and cried, man, how sad. America, have you no heart!

Well, at least Ryan handled those tears so well, and the audience and judges. Then she had to sing her song, and started off off-key. PAINFUL. But then she finished on a really good note, so good for her. She really is a winner, despite what America thinks, so there.

Oh, and can i just say, thank GOD Kinnick is gone. Girl, she was too much. Ever notice how the smile never quite touched the eyes? I cant stand those types. And she tried too hard to be like the younger crowd or, as she called them, "the babies." Real adult of ya. I didnt like that at all. And, she didnt have the chops like some of others, so it was a good decision America.

But then again, how could you do that to Gideon?! He was so gracious in his defeat. And he really has an awesome voice. And yesterday's rendition of his song gave me the chills, it was that good.

But, with him, i'm comforted by the secret knowledge that he'll be back. He's only 17 and an amazing powerhouse singer. No way we wont be seeing him again. I mean, if j lo can get a contract (whose talent is an astounding ability to sing through her nose), then he's a shoe-in (cause he actually can sing).

But still it was sad. That's it, from now on, i'm going to actually start voting on that show. Let the voice of sanity be heard!

And, on another sad note, i watched "Proof" with Gwenyth Paltrow. Awwww, that movie made me cry. Why? PMS you say? Nooooooo, it's because i think i missed my calling as a ... sniff, sniff, a mathematician. Yes, well, mathematics is SO INTERESTING, especially when you prove something with it. Then it's really good. As good as chocolate. Yeah, that's right. CHOCOLATE. That good. And i wish i had the time and money and time to study it. I wish i were independently wealthy so that i could live at MIT for a spell. Sigh.

Any mathematicians among my fertility seeking friends? Is it really as romantic as i think?

Of course not. Is reality every romantic? The problem is, i'm such a romantic at heart. I could probably make ivf sound like the most romantic form of conception.

Ooooh baby, there's an idea. Mmmmm ... ivf.


At 2:08 PM, Blogger Donna said...

I would have picked the other chick to be voted off before Ayla, but what the heck was up with Kevin and Bucky making it through? They both gotta go, and soon.

The only thing romantic about math in my book is dreamy Professor Epps on Numbers.

At 9:00 AM, Blogger GiBee said...

IVF ... Romantic ??? Bwaaaahhhaaahhhaaahhha! Oh, Oh, OH!! Haaaaahhaaahhhaaahhhaa -- my aching sides ---

Okay ... that's a challenge to you... to make IVF sound romantic. Go girl!

Hmmm, maybe if you combined IVF with Dove Chocolate Promises? Ummm ... nah.


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