Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Saline Wash

I'm still feeling kinda icky. Upset stomach, can't eat anything, really (but i am cuz i'm a food-aholic). My foodaholicism is not jiving with my stomach very much. Today i woke up really tired. But i had to come to work, i had to! First, it's not THAT bad, right? You know, just as soon as you decide to stay home you start to feel so much better, all symptoms suddenly disappear, which leaves you only with the guilt of having taken a day off for no good reason. Besides, i dont know how i will react to all the other meds and i really want to preserve what little time off i have for emergency circumstances like that. Right now i'm just on bcp and destenex (sp?).

Besides that, my saline ultrasound was today and it's by my work, so i HAD to go to work for the doctor's appt. I decided that dh didnt need to accompany me to this appt as it's very far from his work (aka home) and that, well, it's just an ultrasound. Had one last week, no biggee.

But as i arrive, i begin to realize, wait a minute, this is, like, an ultrasound to see if there are any lumps or bumps in the uterus that might interfere with baby making or growing. And what if the doctor had to tell me some horrible news, like we need to delay ivf because there are some lumps and bumps that will need to be removed first. Wait, why didnt i bring dh?!?!!? OMG. I cant find out something like this by my lonesome self. How could i put myself in this situation? What was i thinking? If i only i asked him to come. I just didnt want to waste his time, ya'know?

Emotional meltdown and crisis averted by the delivery of the doctor's news ... everything's ok, and we can move forward to the next step: Injection Instruction. That's tomorrow. And, yes, you bet dh is coming to that one.

As for the actual procedure, the saline wash, well, i was a little surprised by it. A catheter goes in (which is really a horrible word for a plastic tube) so that they can inject this saline wash (feels like a gallon, but it's more like 20 ml) and THEN they reinsert you with that ultrasound-dildo-cam-amabob and THAT's when things get little tight. As in, what the F#*&"*&#*%!* is going on in there, and NO PUN INTENDED! Jeez Louis. And right as i'm thinking that, the doctor floods my uterus with the saline water and suddenly i feel all crampy and pms-y. So that's why i feel so bloated, crampy, and heavy right before my period. Right before the uterine lining sheds, it gets a little tight inside there, apparently. Or so i'm guessing. I really dont know.

Anyway, so that was that. I was feeling a lot better, grabbed me a tomato/mozarella salad (mmmmmmmmmm, gewd) and went back to work, where i subsequently wolfed it down and gave myself another monumental stomach ache, to match the headache already booming in my head. The headache is either caffeine withdrawal (hadnt had my usual cup a joe since this faux flu started) or it's bcp or destonex. It cant be the last two, right? I mean, i've been taking those for a good 5 days before these symptoms started.

Ok, back to work. I want to go home. I should take the day off tomorrow just because this is too much. But i have that injection instruction class, right by work. Should i reschedule that? When do injections start anyway? I just started the second week of bcp.

I need a nap.


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Donna said...

After all this time, it still irks me to no end the crap we have to go through just to get pregnant. I won't bring up crack whores...but you get the idea. Take it easy for the next couple of days!

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