Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dragons & Heroes

Well, i'm sorry for my unusual absence. I saw that my last post was posted on Thursday, i didnt realize it was two thursdays ago.

What have i been doing? Buckling down, getting all the ducks in a row, preparing my files at work for my short absence, cleaning around the house. I am so caught up in laundry, it's unbelievable. Truly. I've never been this caught up. I told a friend at work that i was caught up in laundry and she said, "well, you're never really caught up, unless you do your laundry naked." That was supposed to be funny, but why does it sound so snarky? Dont hate on me because i did a little laundry. And dont fret, i still havent done my winter coat or taken the huge pile left for the dry cleaners to the dry cleaners.

Anyway, i started another crochet project. I did this last ivf, but this time i'm much further along. I'm already half way done. I'm crocheting a backpack, a la The Sak. I bought their backpack but was so disappointed with the style. The straps are too short or something. So i just had to make my own.

I've also been watching some movies...nothing else to do while crocheting. If you're curious about Brothers Grimm, it sucked. I also watched Glory Road ... nyeh. The story of the first college basketball coach to play African American athletes is compelling, but the execution of it in this movie was not so. I also got The Thai Warrior, hoping it was something close to Hero. It was not. I cant for the life of me figure out why Ebert gave it 3 stars, unless it was a pity vote. The main character, the great Thai Warrior, was a dumb country bumpkin. Sorry to say, but he was. We couldnt finish that one. It was too slow (or the hero was, except, of course, when he was kicking someone's ass, which he wasn't even supposed to do because he vowed, quite randomly i might add, to never ever use his powers, after he spent his life learning them. But who cares about character inconsistencies these days, right? Let the mush-minded rule!)....

N..E..who ... I also have Casanova (was that good?) and Just Like Heaven left to watch, but i dont think i'll get to it before they're due back.

On the ivf front, i met with the RE to discuss protocol. This is the first meeting since our ivf1 cancellation, which she wasnt even at, since she was not on call that day. But i still like her (am i naive?). No really, she's nice ... i think. Anyway, she was like, "why did you guys cancel the fresh tese last time ... just out of curiosity?" Um, huh?? Why dont you know this? "Because, the urologist was out of town."

I asked her about freezing eggs. She said that's an option, and that it was an option the last go-around. We could have frozen our eggs for a day or so to wait for the fresh tese, if we had wanted. ... What did you just say? And why didnt you say this 4 months ago!

Well, yes, you see, that was an option. Uh, thanks for the notice. A little late, but who cares about timing.

Actually, she said that frozen eggs reduces our chances of viable pg by half and that it's not the optimal choice for a cycle.

Oh well, maybe she was right. But still, a girl wants to know her options.

RE went on to prescribe lupron, once a day but same dosage. I have to take it between 5-8 pm every night. Then she added a new drug to be phased in at the end of the stimulation to hopefully address the problem i had last time with my dip in estrogen levels before the trigger. Remember that? Fun times. Finally, she capped the meeting with a little talk about donor options ... say what? Talk about stroking the underbelly of a sleeping, firebreathing dragon and that would be an understatement. She went on to say that donor sperm and egg is no different than a donor blood or organ. Interesting point. Tell that to fire-breathing dragon. In one of the most intense and forging moments of my life, i learned that we are not cool with the donor option, not because religion says it aint so, but because of an internal moral and ethical personal code that cant be violated ... without awakening said dragon.

So there you have it. There's something incredibly sexy about a man with strong personal conviction, like an armored shield. Be not fooled by the easy cloak of fleshy exterior made fashionable in this day and age of gluttony and mental laxity, at the core of this man lies an unbreakable heart of solid gold, a mind as sharp as a sword, and an unwavering soul as steadfast as the straight path.


At 4:13 AM, Blogger Meg said...

Far out. You could have FROZEN the eggs? Why does no one ever tell us anything? Why do we have tp stumble aimless ly through google to find answers to anything? I am impressed by your graciousness girl. Mighty impressed.

(And you're a crocheter too? I have big plans for this weekend when I'm laid out after the transfer. Assuming the eggies make it to transfer day of course....)

I really hope this one works out for you, FS. I think TESE will be our next step.

At 7:36 AM, Blogger Fertile Soul said...

The real tragedy is that we could have frozen the SPERM back in the day when we had some ... no one ever said anything, and i never realized that a pattern of decline meant it could lead to zero.

At 6:01 PM, Blogger Kris said...

My RE tells me that when they perfect the egg freezing/thawing results, they won't even freeze embryos anymore. But, they are still a few years out from that.


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