Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Hell Paid

So, the next day, after my day off, which my boss frowned upon ... well, it turns out, he went to the ubber boss to complain about me. He didnt go to his own boss, he'd gone to this other one (the one i had been working closely on in this file, but who is not my direct boss) and demanded (in front of her underling attorney, who is my friend) to know when i found about the settlement conference (so that he can really nail me to the wall). My friend, who found his behavior highly unprofessional and inappropriate, given that he interrupted their already ongoing conversation to demand this trivial information, informed me that the ubber boss came to my defense, stating that we only found out about the conference on Wednesday, ipso facto idiot, SHORT NOTICE.

But did moronic boss take the hint? Nooooooo. He proceeded to complain about why i took the day off, when, mind you, everyone else on our team, including him, had gone to a baseball game DURING WORK HOURS. Excuse me if i find baseball excruciatingly boring and i'd rather fold laundry than watch my rotten boss get drunk.

Anyway, the one small miracle in all this is that idiot boss did not actually go to his boss, who is in control of deciding whether or not i get a raise, next year. So, PHEW! Survived that one by the shinny shins because in the end, his boss is only going to remember that my boss complained about my "poor planning" and not that it was unwarranted, unmerited, or unjustified.

Now you might wonder why he did not go to his boss ... any takers? anyone? It's because he had to build a case against me BEFORE he strung me up from my toe nails. See, he already learned once before that building a case against me without anything to support it only gets himself hanged by his own stupidity.

I'm just mad that he even complained about me to ubber boss. I like her, i dont want her to think i'm a dork. I mean, i got enough work trying to keep up with her (she's real smart, hence the ubberness) and the last thing i need is someone to come in and besmirch my good name to her or put her in the inconvenient position of tracking down my emails to her so that she may answer dickwad's questions. Like she doesnt have a bazillion other things to do. She hasnt taken a vacation in years, that's how busy she is. I'm sure she wants to be interrupted to stand around and complain about the merits of my vacation.

Anyway, moronic/idiot/dickwad boss finally simmered down after the settlement conference was miraculous cancelled. But not until he wasted a lot of people's times and made sure how dissatisfied he was with me.


No, i did not confront him. I'd have to reveal my source, and i wouldnt want to. Besides, he has no idea how inappropriate his behavior was, and me telling him wouldn't teach him squat. He's known for getting uptight for no good reason. And he's known for having poor management skills. Trouble is, no one else wanted his position, so his boss gave it to him. God help him. When he's not in my business and up in my face, i really feel sorry for him and hope for him the best.

I really wish he could find someone who could tolerate him or teach him better social skills. He's one of those people who lived with "Mother" way into his 30s (or 40s, i dont know, i have no idea how old he is. He's probably in his 40s). He lives alone and is a workoholic. Need i say more?


At 5:59 AM, Blogger Wishing 4 One said...

Forget about him, truly! I've worked with one too many "uptight, I live with my mother, have no life, work all day, need to be on your ass and cause problems, kiss ass, brown nose, loser" types before, the stress they want to cause everyone around them is not worth it at all. He showed himself an idiot embarrasing and wasting the time the ubber, so in the end it was him who lost. You won- woo hoo!


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