Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stim Ultrasound & Blood 1

Just came back from my first ultrasound after being on stims since Wednesday night. One follicle. Is that normal at the first ultrasound? It measured at 8.5. There are more, but too small to measure.

Is this normal at this point in the cycle? Nurse said it was. But, what else is she supposed to say?

I have another ultrasound monday morning.


At 6:32 AM, Blogger Pamplemousse said...

It depends on what your E2 was. Did they give you a number? You have only been stimming since Wednesday so it is too soon to know anything really. Stay cool.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger linda said...

I agree with Pamplemousse...three and a half days of stims is a bit early to be looking at follicles. My doc doesn't do an U/S for 7 days and then there is often still time to wait for them to grow more.


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