Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stim Panic Over (for the most part)

I called the RE about missing my first shot, and she asked then if i took a double dose at night. Um, no, why would i think to do that? Anyway, they've marked it in my chart and then on Saturday's ultrasound, they'll check and see if i need to up the dosage or anything. So, i hope i didnt screw anything up. Someone at the clinic should have reminded me! Don't you think a nurse should have said, "now remember, this is the one you do TWICE a day."

I know the next one, single HCG shot in the behind, a mixture of liquid and powder. Then after that it's progesterone.

Oh, and the RE said that we might aspirate on 23rd! Wahoo! But, maybe not, given my late start.

This is so nerve wracking. I can hardly focus on work. And i know this isnt even the tough part yet. What about all that wait AFTER the transfer?


At 5:55 PM, Blogger Coloratura said...

deep breathing. you'll have it down soon and it will help... :)

seriously, find a way to de-stress... this is hard, it's your firs time

but know that every infertile that has been in your shoes is rooting for you, whether she knows about you or not, and hope that this will be 'the cycle' that works for you

take care...

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous jill said...

I think you are fine...I ended up having to add one mroe day of stims on my last cycle, so one missed dose does not a $22K mistake make. You will be fine. Say it again and again until you believe it. My friend who practices TCM says "light and happy" things are key--funny movies, US Weekly, whatever it takes for you to keep "light and happy"...

because she says the stress hormone, cortisol, can throw everything out of whack, so you want to keep that from entering the mix. Yes, it seems impossible, but deep breathing, like coloratura says. It really helps.

Be well.


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