Friday, January 19, 2007

It's a MIRACLE!!!!

Well, well, well, apparently miracles DO happen. Just not to me. Oh, did you think I was referring to me? Silly Rabbits.

But, what’s a nice staunchly IF girl to think? Here she is riding the internet and clickin along when she comes across a blog wherein the exact miracle she was waiting for happened to someone else. Of all things! Didn’t I just say that I believe in miracles! Didnt I?

But, but, but, I have this other weird belief about miracles. They're like lightening. Don’t ask, I had a weird fantasy filled childhood (dreaming about my future children…nuff said). But, isn’t it true though, miracles occur as often as lightning strikes? I mean, first I gotta believe in miracles and now I gotta believe that the same miracle that literally just happened to someone else is going to happen to me? Really? And just how often do you hear about IF miracles on the net? As often as lightning strikes, I’d say.

It’s just so very ironic that the moment I said I wanted a miracle, I saw someone else get it, oh me of little of faith.

"Do you believe now, Neo?"


At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If miracles happen that often, well that would be great. I hear lightning strikes pretty often.
Getting it to strike twice in the same place is the tricky part.

I was stunned to read the news. Especially since it's only a month ago that I read of a similar miracle on another blog.

With our diagnosis, I can rest assured it will never happen to us.

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm... I reread your first post and you wrote that you were "praying really hard for God to give us a miracle" Maybe God thought you meant the collective infertile "us" and he just sent a sign? If so, He's listening, so maybe draft a no-loopholes proposal for a you-specific miracle?

All kidding aside- even if it never happens to me, it's nice to know that miracles happen to someone.


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